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Fly Fishing Outfitter Serving Colorado

Eagle River Outfitter is humbled and proud to guide our fishing clients on one of the most unique and beautiful freestone streams in Colorado. With over 25 combined years in the business, Dave and his staff decided to go direct-to-consumer, starting “ERO” to provide Vail’s finest guide service.

Our guests expect nothing but the best and leave with expectations exceeded. Why? Because their guide lives and breathes fly fishing in the Vail Valley. Because they cut their teeth out here, respect the river and its environment, keep up to date with hatches, flows and prime spots. Because whether it’s four hours or four days, providing you with the best experience is their priority.

We know there are plenty of fly shops in the Vail Valley for you to choose from. Eagle River Outfitter isn’t one of many “four-hour excursions” on your 5 day vacation. Rather, it’s a life experience and a learning experience. Most importantly, it’s making a friend on the river. You will leave at day’s end a fly fisher. , most likely with an ear-to-ear grin.

We want to get to know you. We want you to come back. We want you to have the fish photo bragging rights. We want you to learn.

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We are located in the beautiful, colorful state of Colorado and offer guided fly fishing tours to select rivers across the state. Start your next fly fishing adventure with Eagle River Outfitter!
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