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We could go on for weeks about the fish we've caught, where we caught them, why we guide, and all the other interesting fishing topics, but our Eagle River guides are so much more. Guiding fishing trips entails more than just catching fish, particularly when fly fishing in the Vail Valley corridor. Eagle River Outfitter fly fishing guides are great people first and foremost, and they are hand selected for many qualities other than how far they can cast a fly line or how many Permits they've touched in Belize.

Eagle River Outfitter guides before fly fishing excursionThe distinction at Eagle River Outfitter is made by our Colorado fly fishing guides. You can be sure that when you reserve a guided fly fishing trip with us, you will spend the day with a highly skilled fly fishing expert who will put forth great effort to make your fly fishing excursion in the Vail Valley one to remember! Our objective as guides is to provide outstanding customer service, and we will go above and beyond to make your Colorado guided fly fishing experience enjoyable. Day trips to fly fish are simple from any city in the Colorado Vail Valley corridor (Vail, Eagle, Minturn, Edwards, Avon and Beaver Creek)

ERO Fishing Guides Summary

Eagle River Outfitter (ERO) is extremely proud of their Colorado fly fishing guides, particularly their professionalism, patience, and ability to teach beginners every day or show an "old dog a new trick" when that old dog is willing to listen. Our team takes themselves seriously, but not too seriously. Fly fishing is not "rocket surgery". Humbleness and humility are also desirable qualities among our employees. You didn't pay to hear your fishing guide's stories about King Salmon in Alaska; you came to learn/improve and hopefully get some photos with some slimy hands! There is something to be learned from every client you meet and every trip you complete.

Our eagle river fishing guides are excellent teachers, both verbally and visually. We can honestly say that we've put people on fish who didn't speak a word of English or were dragged there by a spouse/parent/child who was only vaguely interested but ended up catching the most fish.

Eagle river guide with smiling client holding trophy troutThe guide staff did not just finish Guide School yesterday. They've been guiding and fly fishing the Eagle River for longer than they'd like to admit, and ERO has dozens of years of combined guiding and fly fishing experience in Eagle County and Vail Valley corridor. We are a team of "locals," some born and raised here, the majority long-term transplants, and we are also locally owned and operated, which we are very proud of. We know the Eagle River like the back of our hands, so we know what to do, where to go, and when to do it. Looking for a restaurant recommendation? Looking for a great hike with little to no traffic? Where can I get the best burger? Who do you want to raft or ATV with tomorrow? We've also got you covered there.

ERO Eagle River guides are happy to tailor the trip to your specific needs. We know where to go for a short walk from the car, a scenic spot, big fish, or a place to propose (highly recommended). ERO staff takes pride in their work and the waters in which they fish, and they carefully select the best location for your group based on experience level, personal limitations, requests, and which areas have been fishing the best.

Our guides are ethical Eagle River anglers, watershed stewards, and conservationists at heart. We're sorry, but we won't be able to keep any fish from your trip! (catch & release rules) ERO treads lightly, packs out what it packs in, and uses fly fishing in Vail Valley to demonstrate how beautiful this planet is and how you can have fun outdoors while leaving as little of an impact as possible. Bring your own water bottle!

As a leading Eagle River fishing charters in Beaver Creek/Avon, we take pride in using the best waders and boots available, as well as locally sourced flies and the appropriate rods and reels for the weather and seasonal conditions. You can't look shabby on Instagram, so don't insult those beautiful mountains in the background with worn-out gear. Bring a positive attitude and an open mind. A willingness to learn and a positive attitude toward the day. Trust that this group of fly fishing buddies will take care of the rest. We are as excited to meet you as you are to meet us.

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We are located in the beautiful, colorful state of Colorado and offer guided fly fishing tours to select rivers across the state. Start your next fly fishing adventure with Eagle River Outfitter!
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