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Eagle River Fishing Report 8/23/21

Location: Eagle
Air Temp - 50-70
Water Temps - 54-57
Weather - Sunny/Infrequent Clouds

The first feels of Fall are in the air as the days get shorter and the nights longer. After a good day of rain last week, the cooler temps have stayed and the leaves are starting to make their annual change from green to yellow and rust. The brisker mornings have been well received by the 2 leggers and our finnedd friends as it’s been a hot Summer to say the least.
Less people are in town as school has started for the kiddos though I’ve been sticking with an earlier start to grab prime spots for myself or guests alike. The 6:30 starts aren’t as necessary as they were a few weeks ago but with less people in town 7:30 has been a great time to start rolling as there are Tricos aplenty and I like starting off fishing the Trico nymph to get on fish early. Size 20 black pheasant tails seem to grab their attention especially if you follow it with a small black RS2. As the hatch continues, the PT/RS2 bite starts to wane as you see the adults start to cruise upstream. My go-to fly for switching is a small black soft hackle or a Crystal Wing Midge and I try them both near the bottom as well as midcurrent.
A guided fishing trip or a good morning to yourself ends nicely around 11:30 with the sunken spinner taking the bulk of the eats. This seems to be the trout’s favorite time to eat this tiny bug in the safety and security of the depths. Though I try and fish the female in-line with the male, the black one seems to get more eats than the white. A lighter olive body with a black thorax seems to turn some heads too. During the Trico bonanza, a few fish try and expand on their diet but they still keep it small. WD40’s in grey are responsible for a few fish photos as well as the BWO Emerger.
Late Summer fishing can be a blast given less crowds on the river, cooler air and water temps. Look for back to school dates and plan to fish a week after and catch some trout. Though flows will continue to fall and tippet will only get thinner, if you aren’t afraid to throw the small bug with a delicate presentation; come on up! If you’d like to fish the Eagle River with a guide on your hip, give us a call! 970-235-0655.

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