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4/8 - Eagle River Fly Fishing Report

Sunny, Windy, Cold,
Eagle River - Avon
Green, 30's, 100CFS

With a high of 43 degrees on the day, Dave, Walker and their clients bundled up and braved the cold for some early Spring trout fishing on the Eagle River in Avon. With less than optimal clarity in the lower Eagle River due to Milk and Alkali Creeks dumping in sediment and off-color water, your favorite fishing guides took their clients to the upperĀ  Eagle River and we are glad we did. With the weekend over, the water was back to being open and accessible and the fish were happy. We saw a handful of rising fish in the slowest and hardest to reach places eating midge adults and midge emergers off of the surface of the Eagle. We also came across a good bit of little black stoneflies crawling on our waders and streamside gear. Both of those bugs caught fish today but the food item of choice was one, we didn't stay long enough to see emerge and become trout food on top - the Blue Winged Olive Mayfly. The primary bug of the day was the BWO and it was best served deep and under an indicator. A handful of different types of BWO were fished and the rainbow and brown trout of the Eagle River were happy to gobble them all as long as they were the right size - #18-20 (fly recommendations linked below). All four guests were happy to catch their fish early and in good numbers before they turned into ice cubes. We left them still eating this time and Walker and I were contemplating going back down to fish ourselves!

The water has come up a small bit and will continue to rise in the upcoming weeks as air temperatures increase. Make sure to check the flows in advance and carry a wading staff or old ski pole during all stages of run-off. It's not super high yet but the rocks are super slippery and the water will take your breathe away if you fill your waders! Have fun, be safe and call us for daily fishing reports!

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