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Boy things are beginning to turn on. Throw out the idea that “the early bird gets the worm”. As long as the water temps are this good (45-52 degrees) sleep in, enjoy the morning and pop in where there’s room because there are hungry fish in the Beaver Creek area that want to eat your bugs and meet your net. Worms, stoneflies and midges are a great way to start your day and about noon it becomes yellow. All yellow. PMD patterns and yellow sally flies are the ticket from 12pm and on. Throw a midge in for fun because the picky fish might want the small bug but throw yellow above. It will at least attract them.  Dry flies are in play as the day goes on. As water temps increase, trout get more ornery and are more willing to come up to the top. Hopper-Dropper in Avon, CO is not out of the question either but I wouldn't expect a banner hopper day (this ain’t Montana!). I would expect plenty of dropper eats though! Hang up the waders and get some wet wading in! Things will only improve as the weeks continue. Are you here yet? Have you booked yet!?!?!?

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