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7/8 The Eagle River is Fishing Incredible from Top to Bottom in the Vail Valley!

Fast water but ample opportunities
The Eagle River from Minturn to Gypsum
Air temps in the 80's, water temps in the 50's°F
Clear, coming down quickly

Fishing right now is silly good on the eagle river from Minturn to Gypsum. We are experiencing yellow sallies, many sizes and colors of caddis and a few sizes of PMD mayflies, not to mention sparse mahogany duns, golden stones and the morning midges as well! Water temps are prime for fish looking up and they are doing so. Water is still high too which is really fun because you KNOW that any soft section is full of fish esp. if you sit back and read the water and watch for flashing fish - sub-surface eaters or dimples on the surface - top water feeders. All water is open and fishing great. Spots that haven't been accessible are now accessible and there is still more water to open up as the river drops. Life is great. Fishing is wild. What are you waiting for!?!??

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