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Early June Fly Fishing on The Eagle River

High water but nice day
Eagle River - Gypsum
40's to 70's°F
48 degrees, brown stain, 2250CFS

ERO - fly fishing Outfitter woman with nice troutOooowie today was awesome. The fish today acted like they were supposed to.  Rodney and Kilney from my hometown in Houston, TX, joined us today for some fly fishing on the great Eagle River. It was such a beautiful morning. Crisp air, clear skies with slight clouds. Birds were singing their morning songs. The sun was just hitting the water and steam was bellowing off the riffles. A picturesque morning indeed. The river has been moving at a good clip down the valley, making you have to choose your water carefully.  We poked around Gypsum today searching for some smoother water. Water clarity was a bit off-color on the Lower Eagle, which helped with sneaking up on the fish. Slow water on the edges of drop-offs was the name of the game today. The fish were stacking up on these drop offs taking a break from the run and gun of the high flows, feeding on bugs as they passed by in the slower water. We were targeting the bubble lines near the drop-offs and smacking fish in the mouths.
Most of our eats were on a Caddis Larvae pattern, and the infamous squirmy worm.  Say what you want about the Squirmy. It works. It also is a great fly to have on in the higher flows because fish can see it. They then charge up to it noticing the other delicious bug floating next to it. OMPFH. GAME ON. We tried other flies but they didn’t seem to tag in like the Caddis Larvae Nymph and squirmy. I flipped a few rocks and found Caddis houses and a slug-like creature. Cranefly?
It can be intimidating to get out there and seek out some trout. But, I assure you it is some great fly fishing this time of year on the Lower Eagle. The trout do not spook as bad and the big girls play easier.
All in all it was a fantastic day to be on the water with some amazing folks. If you are going to get out there, be safe. Always have a wading staff and be careful. Let someone know where you will be and communicate when you put in and take out. It is good fishing, but the Eagle River can be swift. Water clarity being so off doesn’t help with seeing the bottom. So, have a strong base and wade carefully.
Tight Lines Folks, see y’all out there.

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