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East Brush Creek with the Best Company Ever 7/23/23

Sunny, no breeze
East Brush Creek, Eagle, CO
Cold and clear

Not fishing company of course but wonderful companions. My wonderful wife and child as well as our 4 legged kiddo, Maggie, hit East Brush Creek up by Yeoman Park on the south end of Eagle, CO. If you end up at Sylvan Lake, you made a wrong turn! The weather was perfect as was the water and the Brook Trout of Brush Creek were eager to eat Callibaetis and hoppers from the end of our 3 weight line.

The landscape is breathtaking and the mid-day trout fishing for tiny brook trout was really fun on light fly rods. The fish were extremely opportunistic whenever we dropped something on the surface and left the partner that was playing with the kid chomping at the bit to swap out for the rod. While not fishing, our 14 month old daughter worked on her river walking and rock throwing. The rock eating was discouraged but a few tastes might have been snuck in. Maggie (who turns 6 tomorrow), is no stranger to fly fishing Eagle, CO and often accompanies yours truly on river outings in the area. She had a great time chasing minnows, frolicking in the wildflowers and swimming in East Brush Creek. Great sticks to chew on around the beaver dams as well.

All in all, it was an overall awesome experience. If you think you want to go try some tiny technical water with hungry fish I would certainly recommend East Brush Creek in Eagle, CO. My best recommendation is not a certain fly though. It's bring bug spray for the flies you want to AVOID. The mosquitos and biting flies were pretty vicious up there but I'm sure it's because of the higher water we've experienced so far this year.

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